We want our plays to be a catalyst for deeper dialogue and conversation on topical issues - ones that are sometimes challenging to talk about. Every Prologue Theatre production will incorporate free weekly community conversations. The format may differ each week, but the goal is the same - for the participants to feel that they are in an environment and part of a community that values the views and opinions they have to share.


Previous Conversations


7/14 - Join the Club: Being a Woman in a “Man’s World”
7/21 - Should We Laugh?: Using Satire as a Socio-Political Mechanism
7/28 - Exoticism: Our Challenging History with New Cultures
8/4 - Through a Different Lens: How Various Historical and Social Lenses Change the Context

Grand Concourse

1/27 - When Life’s Not What It Seems to Be: A Conversation About Mental Health
2/3 - Forgiveness and What It Means: An Interfaith Dialogue
2/10 - Seeing The Invisible: A Resource Fair Serving The Needs of Others
2/17 - The Gray Area: When Things Are Not As Simple As Black and White