DSG - Step Up / Speak Up: A Conversation About Bullying

What is bullying?

After looking through a number of resources, there appear to be a number of different definitions - but they all share a few similarities. (This is not documented or cited research, rather just an informal way to start this conversation.)

  1. Bullying is intentional and repeated. Singular acts and/or acts that stem from emotional outbursts are not considered bullying.

  2. Bullying uses an imbalance of power, either real or perceived, to affect an individual or group.

  3. There are three basic types: Verbal, Social, Physical.

  4. Cyber-Bullying is it’s own category - and is much more difficult to police. It also seems to have much more detrimental and lasting effects with today’s youth.

Most bullying seems to be viewed as happening between school-aged children. Workplace bullying, resulting in a hostile work environment, is seen as something different - where there are avenues for reporting and resolving these conflicts.

So, keeping all of this in mind - as well as our own personal experiences with bullying - what can be done? I know that that is an impossibly large question, but there it is. Maybe the conversation ends up being about small, in the moment, actions we can do to help stop this from happening. Or, maybe it’s about working to find an overarching solution. I don’t know.

What do you think?