Prologue Theatre understands that it can be difficult, at times, to begin conversations about “certain topics” and focuses on presenting theatre that can serve as that starting point. Through theatrical performance, coupled with community discussion, and expert-led workshops and presentations, we strive to challenge our community to examine and discuss their views of the world and those around them. Our focus is on those who are in the process of finding their own voice – whether 15 or 115 years old – and are looking for a place where they can hone those viewpoints by examining world issues within (and with) their community.


Commitment to interact with our audiences, to continue the discussion beyond the performance, is a cornerstone of our company.

As a professional theatre company in the Washington, DC area, we are committed to employing theatre professionals from our local communities and fairly compensating them for their artistic talent.

Prologue Theatre believes in the power of dramatic arts education and the positive effects of participation.  Our programs focus on skills and techniques that are relevant for those still in school (high school & college) as well as those looking for personal and professional growth.